Kings Park Precinct

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Kings Park Precinct


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This design is a ground floor apartment in the prestigious Kings Park precinct on Cliff Street. The clients live in Bangkok and return to Perth on business every month.
The client is also an art collector and wanted to create a place in the garden for a selected sculpture.
The intention of the design was to create a contemporary sub tropical garden with an Australian flavor yet still paying some homage to the clients’ home in Thailand.

As the apartment block is multi storey there were restrictions on what could be done within the courtyard and no structures were to be visible from the outside, apart from the angled shade structure which was pre approved before the design of the courtyard.

There were several design considerations as the courtyard is at once an entry to the home, an entertaining space and a desirable view from the adjacent living room and dining rooms. Ascent through the sloping courtyard is by means of well-proportioned rectangular
layers. The 5 large angled granite tablets set into the timber decking reflect the angle of the shade structure above. The supports for the granite tablets are recessed significantly to create a floating effect further enhanced by the lighting design. There is also an off form white concrete cantilevered bench seat in the garden creating another area to sit and enjoy the space.
The client sourced the highly polished deep turquoise ceramic tiles for the L-shaped water feature. The low wall supporting the three granite-backed waterspouts into the pond is tiled with Kimberley sandstone to match the stonework on the building. The timber screen is designed to offer up some privacy from residents entering the complex.

The client and I liaised over the selection of two significant artworks by the Belgian artist Jean Michel Folon. The first sculpture ‘Angelo Custode’ 2005 (Guardian Angel) appropriately placed by the entry gate. The second, larger sculpture is ‘Grand Oiseau, 2005 (Big Bird) resides in the water.
The garden has made use of the wonderful borrowed landscape in Kings Park and comprises an interesting and attractive combination of plants offering colour, texture, and fragrance. The garden is also home to a variety of herbs and edibles where they form an integral part of the planting design.

Where is the project located?

Kings Park

Who was involved?

Phase 3 Landscaping installed the garden.

What were some of the key materials used in the project?

Spotted Gum
Charcoal granite hand cut
Kimberley Sandstone
Exposed aggregate concrete
Off form white concrete